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Navigating the nuances of business law can seem like a tricky puzzle. But don’t fret. We help businesses in Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas to navigate the complexities. We provide practical solutions for all business legal issues, from setup to deal negotiation.

Introducing Bryn Owen, an Experienced Business Law Advocate

Bryn Owen, Founder and Managing Attorney, brings a wealth of experience in business law. He understands businesses’ unique challenges and opportunities and provides practical solutions tailored to your needs.

We Present Bryn Owen, an Intellectual Property and Contract Law Specialist

Bryn Owen, Founder and Managing Attorney, is Limelight Law PLLC’s go-to intellectual property and contract law expert. He is adept at protecting your business’s valuable assets and ensuring your contracts are airtight.

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At Limelight Law PLLC, our focus is clear: to provide a range of legal services directly aligned with the specific needs of your business. From business setup to contract law and deal negotiation, our expertise covers all stages of your business life cycle.
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We are committed to providing comprehensive business law attorney services so your business thrives in today’s competitive environment.
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We help entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists succeed and expand by providing practical solutions to legal and business issues.
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Our extensive knowledge as an intellectual property attorney, including copyrights and trademarks, ensures you retain full control over your creative works, fostering success and growth for your business endeavors.
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In today’s complex business landscape, you need attorneys who are not just law experts but extensions of your team. Collaborating with our attorneys means having a partner that anticipates potential pitfalls and provides strategies tailored to the specific needs of your business.

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Limelight Law PLLC’s dedication to contract and business law, copyright trademarks, and general counsel services is reflected in our client testimonials.
Seamless experience Bryn is easy to work with and very helpful! As a business owner with no legal background, I was able to rely on...
Great Consultation I reached out to Bryn to discuss my start-up and my concerns regarding copyright and intellectual property rights. Bryn was extremely professional and...
Best Lawyer in DC! Bryn was very helpful in negotiating my contract and making sure my needs were met first. He put legal jargon into...
Job contract assistance Mr. Owen was extremely thorough in reviewing my contract with my previous employer and reassured me of what was enforceable and not...
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We have helped numerous entrepreneurs navigate complex legal terrains with services.
Our team excels at assisting with the setup of your business fundamentals, ensuring your marketing efforts are within legal compliance, and effectively negotiating deals to secure favorable terms. We also protect your intellectual property meticulously, safeguarding your valuable assets and innovations.
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